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Muthaura is not a mandara!!

I meant to start this post by “blistering barnacles, its been months since i last posted”, but after consulting I was informed that it was not so mature. (God, i loved TinTin)

After almost a decade of not writing, I just had to test if i remember how to blog – I still do.

A lot of things important things have happened since i did my last post, top on the list being my unpleasant discovery that i am allergic to sea food. (yes, it took me this long)

Secondly was that members of our community are being targeted. haki ya nani Muthaura is not ha mandara, he has never mandad anyone.

Are merus the only nguys whose voice can mbe reconded?

Why is it that (said fast and with a with a tonne of accent) some people are only interestend in hinding tape recondaz when meru poiltical fingaz are speaking.

I am afraind this is an issue that must mbe referred to the highest office in the land – Njuri ncheke.


Note : pinches of salt  are important for your health.

If you have read this far, i highly sympathize. I was just passing time and remembered i once ran a blog.


darn, i have wasted 35 minutes of my alloted drinking window.