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hypocrisy should be kept concealed. It’s an ugly ogre!

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“There’s something very wrong with civilization, and it isn’t the destruction of the Mau forest or the ozone layer, the death of pandas, cigarettes carcinogenic foodstuffs or prison conditions…” Paulo Coelho.

Editors Note: replace the Mau with Amazon rainforest.

In his book 11 minutes, the author wrote in reference to the act of sex. through Maria, the prostitute, he wonders why the world revolves around an activity that if you strip off the time spent on taking off clothes, making fake gestures of affection, banal conversations, the after-shower and dressing up ; coitus (I have always wanted to use this word – ok, spare me the stares. I get enough judging elsewhere) only last eleven minutes.

I’m no Chris Hart so I pick up the baton from the point”…very wrong with civilization” and go off on a different tangent.

So Mr Ruto was greeted like a warrior back from battle, he was our present day Leonidas after he slay the Persian god Xerxes and was returning to his Spartan home. Furiously shaking my head!!

Apparently its snitch season in Kenya so if you hold any grudge against anybody, spill the beans now or forever hold your peace. Ruto and Kiunjuri have gone ahead.

The latter makes for good comedy – mind you he was a teacher before landing in the MPig-sty. My heart goes out to those students. If at all the queens language came by ship, Mr Honourable picked the wrong container.

Editors Note: Focus, don’t be subjective. Stick to the plot and stop skipping scenes.

Enter Mama Rainbow and her godfather Raila Amolo Odinga.

Humanity is indeed defined by hypocrisy, double-standards and selfishness. Yes, something is wrong with our peoples; and it’s not sex-related.

But who died and made thecoloseum the morality policeman? Nobody did. I am stacked together with the rest of mankind; looking out for themselves, seeking to get the most by giving the least.

All the people who went to meet Ruto should be rounded up and checked in for mental check-ups. I guess they were there to show support for their hero who was being “persecuted” by the media and tried in the public court.

Enough literature has been written and words uttered to try demystify the reason for his trip to meet the world’s representation of justice; Ocampo.

After all the noise had died down, it became apparent that Ruto may not have met face to face with Mr Justice but met his kada-ya-moko’s as he went off to London.

But one thing is clear; Ruto is shaking in his boots. At some point he seemed at the verge of tears. (Don’t cry for me Argentinaaaaa). The spear-shaking warrior’s foundation was rocked by whatever he was told at The Hague.

I won’t delve into the allegations that Ruto has made against the KNCHR commissioner. This is just one of those games where a new development will tip the scale this way and that way in a vicious cycle. I will sit this one out.

My nozzle then shifts to RAO. Dude, I have immense admiration for you (new found, in fact it’s still in its infant stage – do not kill it) but who appointed you Ngilu’s godfather?

This full-throttle support and your discovery that some of the allegations against politicians may be malice-driven come a bit too late. Why did you not do the same with Ruto and Wetangula.

C’mon sir, hypocrisy at all times should be kept well concealed. It’s an ugly ogre!

The energy with which you have come to Mama Rainbow’s defence stinks of double standards.


Go and oversee other ministries; hers is in the mud already; literally!

I don’t care much for politicians and in the event that I end up as one, do not waste too much empathy on me. Believe me that is wasted emotion!

No politician has your interests at heart. It’s just how they are wired and that is the system we found ourselves in.

Some individuals, who are long dead, somewhere sat down, looked at the rest of their community and decided that they (the hopeless and uninformed) needed a “single body” to lead them and make decisions for them. Governments were born and we were forever cursed with politicians.

Something is indeed wrong with humanity, but we are stuck with it.


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