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…Cockroaches: supreme couch potatoes…

“Americans are freaked out about bedbugs, 4mm long insects that they previous generations made up cute rhymes about”. And according to Joel Stein, a columnist whose work hugely contributes to my weekly allocation of laughter, many folks are now having sex standing- to escape the sneaky blood-loving bug.

He has had to change his reading habits, bed position and undress as soon as he enters the house; and not for sex, he adds.

Ok, this got me thinking about the infestations that I have to deal with. Kenyans deal with safari ants, roaches and mosquitoes. But none of them has actually reached scales requiring the “national disaster” status.

The one that came close to getting mention from the Internal Security minister must have been the Nairobi fly invasion a few years back. These tiny fuckers had the whole country scared faceless. For the tiny creatures they are, they sure did pack a punch of spit that was far from safe. nairobi fly

We had to come up with methods of minimising those that got into the house, and punish those that did; Justice delayed is justice denied. We shut the windows and drew the curtains an hour earlier than usual. Doom and other pyrethrum,-derivatives were in no short supply.

The worst infestation I guess is a roach attack. They can go for weeks without their heads and somehow manage to sneak into cracks and crevices’ in the house that you previously were not aware exist. Cockroaches are supreme couch potatoes. They spend 75 percent of their time resting. For more weird facts on the pests click here and for more go here……

I have a lot of free time on my hands in case you are wondering. 2 week paid leave and the first is spent researching roaches.

I have to kill the post and dash out. Refer to the next post if your into such kinda weird literature.


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