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A slug of whiskey. A puff of a cigarette. A snort of cocaine. Random acts of philandering. A slice of cake a day. A regular mug of coffee. These activities, if done in moderation pass without much notice. Some may not have adverse effects other than tattering ones moral fabric in some cases. Others, if constantly done over long periods, have negative effects; health or otherwise.

Addiction in the medical field is viewed as the continued use of a substance despite its detrimental effects. It may also be the physiological dependence on substances not regarded as drugs. Case in point is binge feeding leading to obesity. Over-dependence on inanimate objects like internet surfing and watching too much television is another form of compulsion.

Compulsion greatest asset is its sneaky onset. The journey to addiction is slow and usually the victims are not alive to what is happening. They process however varies with the various subsets.

And in now commonplace fashion, another group die in Kibera slums.

Some of the survivors surprisingly insist that they will not quit partaking of the killer drink. Alcohol dependence just like other forms of addiction is a slow process. It starts with cravings where you get strong urges to drink, followed by losing power to stop drinking regularly. At this stage, addicts frequent drinking dens and bars at odd hours; at times even solo.

After excessive intake of alcohol, one gets physically dependent on the drug. Symptoms such as nausea, sweating usually result if they attempt to stop. In extreme cases, shaking and anxiety bouts also result.  Abrupt withdrawal from alcohol – a sedative-hypnotic – if not managed properly can be fatal. The extreme withdrawal symptom which is  heart failure may result.

The mode of action of drugs is that with sustained use, one needs more amounts of the same drug to get a similar ‘high’. It is referred to as tolerance and as more and more alcohol s drank, the injurious effects increase. As this behavior progresses, alcoholism sets in.

Scientists have suggested that some people are genetically predisposed to alcoholism. The genes affect how the body and the brain interact with each other and how one provides susceptibility or protection towards alcohol. They claim that when these genes – that lower tolerance to alcohol intake – are transferred to offspring, alcoholism in families occurs.

However, the human body has mechanisms that are meant to break down ethanol; the main component of alcohol. However, chang’aa has a variant of ethanol in it referred to as methanol. Once the body breaks down methanol, it produces two toxic components; formaldehyde and formic acid. This two are highly poisonous and lead to blindness and death.

Ours is a paralyzed society, on its knees owing to the drink. Will the Alcohol Bill help?



How’s std. 8 kiddo? This is the older version of you………….

Bet math is still giving you problems with all the speed tests. Don’t worry,  it only gets WORSE in form four with things like Pythagoras theory and cosines coming thrown into the hot pot(useless triangle). But after that entire struggle, you still managed a “convincing” A (whatever that means). So just stop worrying about all that arithmetic, when your 25, it turns out that all the math u end up doing is about the cash in your wallet and what you want in there.

I’m sorry that the girls used to scare you silent. You became a bit more outspoken – insisting on A BIT. I have come to learn that introversion is a curable disease. Those crushes you have do indeed end and earth remains intact – miracles do happen! The love letters and poems (yes, poems – I have a poetic side) eventually get lost and one of the girls too. But you still talk to the others.

As you grow up, moms action and rules start to make sense. So quit thinking that she is punishing you for living; its apparently called mothers love and care…the tender before care is non-existent. And the 5am waking up rule continues, yup….till form four. That will explain your funny sleeping habits and not having too much respect for sleep. But as I said earlier; it’s called mothers love.

U end up in Kaggz High School (the dream is indeed shattered – no need to read tooooo hard) with a bunch of crazy pals. But somehow you’re the only one of your crew to escape suspension; Dahal Ibrahim becomes prefect, yes that heckler friend from Batian.

...the high school on top of the hill..

High school is an experience in itself. Form one will be made stuff drawn straight from CIA torture chambers or worse still, the Taliban thugs. You did not die though proving then that, you, my brother are one tough being – a few slaps and nights in the cold, a relatively thinned out wallet – they took it all!! And what’s with you dragging your Std. 8 crush to high school, you loser…..explore…the adage about more fish out there is indeed true. get a life!!!!

And please stop dreaming of playing basket ball; it dosent come to pass. all you did was chat up the girls who came to play b.ball for their schools.  But at least you won enough trophies on the track field – those long legs you have are more useful than you think. And keep off hurdles on the 100m track…nasty ass experience you will have..

You eventually make it to campus young one; and everything is as your mother feared –its the land of freedom. no more forced 5am clarion calls…nope..you get to sleep in if you want. Your punishment for reading so hard in high school (instead of vybing girls)is some tough course where you suffocate mice and find pleasure in exploring their entrails – science a sick world.

what did id do to deserve this?? eh...NOTHING!!

The pals you end up making are amazing while some will hate you for staying more sober than they wished. Don’t pay mike any attention – lost soul. Studying in campus is not all that its said to be, ati u clear with one unit and that’s it, difference is that that one unit is damn hard..again, scientists are sick souls.  But the fun times will be totally worth it.

..whatever was happening here..your guess...

You will end up writing to earn your living. Fun and demanding job….but you will enjoy… words are the tool of choice…

<keeping up with the 3rdperson reference is a task>


borowitz report…...

LONDON – Carrying through on its pledge to install fresh leadership at the top of the company, BP today replaced embattled CEO Tony Hayward with a startled deer.

BP - Biggest Polluter

Bucky, the red deer selected to take the helm at BP, is believed to be the first woodland creature ever to run a multinational corporation.

In his first appearance before reporters in London, however, the antlered executive garnered mixed reviews for what some observers said was an unsteady performance.

Appearing frightened by the TV lights, Bucky kicked over the podium and then pranced down the hall before being subdued by a tranquilizer dart.

“Clearly he’s a little rough around the edges,” said BP board chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg.  “But he still did better than Tony.”

Elsewhere, Apple unveiled a new iPhone app that translates Fox News into news.


..and the winner is *DRUM ROLL*


i just had to go all sensational on you guys like that gutter press paper called standard…just to catch your attention and make sure u click on this post. thats coz shit has hit the internet fan,and i need more hits on my blog..

the binary code has gone bonkers,crazy,insane..


ok, enough with all the keeping-you-in the-dark trick..

ever since the web was created, geeks have tried to plug everything with a circuit board and power source to the net; refrigerators too!!! i wonder if it too can catch viruses..poisoned frozen food..stupid americans!!!

point im trying to make is recent research hs shown that at the rate guys are connecting to the net, IP add’s may be kaput by end of this year.

Within a year, IP (internet protocol) addresses are expected to run out. Each IP address is like a unique phone number assigned to whatever device you’re using to connect to the internet. Without a valid IP address you won’t be able to connect to the outside world, so they’re importnt!!!! source: techland.

so in short we have kìdù lyk 6 months to surf, facebook, tweet, blog and that silly thing called research.then after that newspapers and books wil b the in thing.

no internet today boys.....

there is a system in place called the IPv4 : in use right now that has a bulky 4billion IP’s  in its trunk. that number seemed cosy a few decades back, but now the geeks of this world (who do huge math as a hobby) are saying its bleak.

this is like y2k reloaded. more like y2k high on some mexican import. id rather the bug to what awaits us, at least with it some machines were to crash and there was a chance of resusitation.

with this bulky monster, that imac will mean nothing to u -just a block of plastic and screen.

There’s a cure though to all this.an upgrade from the version 4 to 6 protocol that will provide for trillions of addresses and therefore eliminating the problem..but the cost is phenomenal..and guys using machines on the old protocol 4 will resist this change..

smartphones and macbooks are already integrated with the new one though, so maybe we have some hope.

Nobody is ready to chuck the moola though.

This is the part i start begging. “Naomba serikal ya america itusaidie. U guys came up with net,its at risk..fix the freakn monster! Call the trumps,gates and jobs to a web harambee.”

Fix the Net Americans!!

mr obama, screw the fish and the two dolphins that BP suffocated. they dont matter, plus they are so far off in the ocean to concern us. what we dont see……….. dosent need saving.    this is internet bro, we need you. i need to still follow u  come up with those outrageous bills and download stuff from daily show as Jon stewart disses your Kenyan skin off.

our hero.....

On behalf of all net junkies,help us. We dont have a life beyond http://www.. but if John Cusack is right and the world does indeed end in 2012, then we have no cause for alarm.


so my wifi has been acting up, really up….moody net sux..its keeps going off, disappearing at specific corners of my room.. then my ISP decides to do maintenance on a Friday night and switches off net just when i was on a downloading high. Access Kenya please grow a brain.

really glad the week is over and done with. the workload is phenomenal. is payday here already?? im tired of waiting!! oh, and its saturday…party going down at my place…sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

..party evry-day..

was thinking of weird funny stuff that i come across…here goes..

ever entered a matatu and theres this guy seated at the front, right next to the driver. and when they get to his/her off point.,they turn to the kange and tell him to “shukisha hapo adams”. c’mon, the driver is just next to you. i bet your legs are banging on the gear as you turn, you could even stop the vehicle on your own if you crazy enough.

Kenyans are musical mimcs!! ever since polyphonic tones became reality, we all rush to outshine each other by having the funkiest/in vogue song than your pal. end result: Nairobi is a huge Hold YUH city.

(bless you if you have no idea what im talking bout – you are a rare breed).every other phone that rings to this song..what happened to tastes..whats your ringtone at the moment..i bet its paper loving by Chris martin..

then there this breed of facebookers (sic) who after voluntarily deciding that fb has become boring and monotonous and kiddish, go ahead to announce their impending exit. “i will be leaving facebook from Tue 1700hours, it was nice knowing you”.. assumptions are a killer. the big one they make is that guys will suffer from their departure…definetely not me. fb is not a marriage ama some sort of covenant. we just clicked accept friend, not sign a contract. just go already. some even head to do a 24-like countdown..GENIUS….OR NOT!! such countdowns only work with jailbirds like lil wayne and the king.. just go already!!

political dispensation, corruption czar….(i swear i had more examples). im talking bout how we are continuously fed with some huge words daily’ some of whose meanings we have no idea.. mercenaries became an everyday expression and so did rapporteur. the pronunciation of the last one got reporters tongues doing the twist. – but coz its all huge azz, they stuck to it…amd while on matters english : you CANT and SHOULD NOT say repeat again. climbing up and standing up too have some tautology going somewhere in there. can u climb down???

ever got into a jav with a huuuuuuuuge screen that you working to buy and its playing HOLD YUH. but nobody wants to watch, somehow guys got stuff to do, fidgeting with their phones, watching the beautiful Nairobi scenery – of traffic jams – EVERYWHERE BUT THE SCREEN. guess its in attempt not to look as if you are jazzzed by its enormity, hip guys dont do mat video mixes ama? c’mon. kama imekubamba watch!!! but thats not a licence to go all TPF on us..let your singing check itself at the bathroom door.

i now gots to prepare for the party…



..after 9 long days being off net, im back to my world. that felt like a lifetime. in internet years i guess thats like 80. while i was away, i missed out on the Kenyan blog contest application(im sure id have won…yeah right). but imma vote for my fav…decisions decisions..


meanwhile my life has been one huge roller coaster, from the highs of using some 20-whateva inch iMACs…and they are 19 0f them in one room.

..this ish, is the ish..

quick g4s math—– 20 of them * 300k = 6,000,000!!!! why am i Still working!!! 6 mill in form of white machines. apple outdid themselves on this.

i am a self exiled dweller in geek land, but this software called final cut is cutting my patience to pieces. cant these guys just merge softwares so we can do everything on Ms Word. FOR REAL!! this is stuff will send me under. now i have to steal it off the net tonight.. good thing is that i’ll learn shorcuts and stuff and make my own movies… parody coming right up..

and i got a compliment, somebody called me a slow, mediocre human being…thanks subhuman!!!!!

and to the highlight of my week…yesterday i registered the highest hits so far. and whatever forward i posted jana didnt get a single hit.. weird. cassandrae im coming after your number one spot..you know its mine. hehe..